Whose Room?


I need to revise this room. The bottom wall should be just as tall as the one in the back. Also thinking by raising the wall in the front (bottom) I will have to do one of those cutaways so you can see what’s behind it.

To use this in a game, that front wall will have to be a completely separate object and always in the foreground. Mostly everything else can be background.

Todd's Burger Stall


Todd only serves one kind of burger: yummy.

Inside the stall you’ll find:

  • Two burners

  • One propane tank

  • An ice chest of “burgers”

  • Chilled condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard)

  • Other burger fixings (pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes)

  • Cheese (cheddar, Swiss, jack, provolone)

Record Keeper

I think this will be the intro to the read stories. Maybe? I don’t know. Figured I should be narcissistic and show up in these episodes in some shape or form.

Welcome, welcome to the Cavern of Records. My name is Alexander and I am the official record keeper for the Island of Tilly. You may not konw this, but every land, peninsula, archipeligo, even pen island, has a Cavern of Records... you just may not know where it is. Personally, I would prefer if this were a Hall of Records or even a Ball Pit of Records, but you get what you get, amirite?

It is my job to record every little thing in this book, as mundane as it may seem, to perserve the history of this land for one day, there may be a great reset, and we will need an instruction guide, a cook book of sorts, to recreate the very existance we know.

It is an interesting time for you to come and listen, my friend.

Organ Donor

Just a short, short story. I’m planning to narrate this somewhere someday.

Sadie Cat opened the newspaper and turned to the classified ads. She needed to make a little bit of money for the upcoming holiday season. It was getting colder. She really wanted a new coat as her current one was turning a strange shade of brown, which was odd because it started out green.

Her eyes scanned the page and stopped at one particular ad that seemed quite interesting and up her alley. It read: "Organ Donor - $$$"

"Interesting! I could use three dollar signs worth of money. It's certainly more than two!" she exclaimed.

Sadie Cat left the house and made her way to the garage. Dust had settled all over the different boxes and junk she had left there years ago. She had meant to unpack completely when she moved last, but unpacking boxes always seemed like something you push to the next week when life starts getting busy. Then it's the next week and the next. Before you know it, you're dead in your grave. Better than alive in your grave, I suppose.

"I know that organ is around here somewhere," she said to herself as she shoved an old lamp to the left and threw piles of old magazines to the right.

"Ah ha!" she said out loud. She flipped the switch and the organ came to life. It had been a while since she had played, but she cracked her knuckles and sat down on the bench. Her fingers floated across the keys and her feet stomped out a walking bass line. Everything sounded wonderful. She left a message for the person who open the ad that she had a like new organ she was willing to part with. Sadie Cat felt very confident that the person on the other line was going to be very happy.

Sadie Cat and Mao Visual Novel


Been toying with the idea of having Sadie Cat and Mao present their stories in a format like a visual novel or dialogue scene from video games. That would actually be a lot of work to switch it up between things like a messaging app, an old Lucasarts style game, or even a modern day visual novel game.

While I figure that out I’ve been writing down jokes/ideas so I’ll have things to put pen to paper without having to sit there, staring at a blank screen, and thinking, “what is a funny joke…”.