My "Out of Place" Pieces

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Here are the pieces that I'll have up at the Paper Hat Productions gallery showing "Out of Place". They're dual pieces. Essentially you have the original ink work on one side and the digitally colored one on the other.

Hopefully you guys will be able to make it out to the reception tomorrow (Sunday)! Make sure to check out the information at the link below.

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Gallery Showing - Out of Place

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So! I will be part of a gallery opening/showing this coming Sunday! The theme is "Out of Place" and I'll have a few dual-prints up for sale/viewing. What that essentially means is an original piece with its digitally colored counterpart. It's pretty exciting.

Rick and Eve are the folks behind Paper Hat Productions. They're great folks and we'd all love to see you there!

Thanks for your time!

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Sample of work for "Game Over 3"!

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Here's a preview of one of the pieces I'll have displayed at Giant Robot - Game Over 3 this year! I'm extremely honored to be part of this opportunity and to have work exhibited to celebrate the wonderful world of video games.

The reception is at Giant Robot - San Francisco on March 12th. It happens the same week as GDC, which should be very exciting.

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