113 - Forward Thinking/Planning Game


I'm wondering if I can make a business out of creating free print-and-play games that parents and teachers can use to teach young children (6 and under) the basic mechanics of hobby games. With Candyland, we all can learn about taking turns and roll-and-move. But how do we teaching forward thinking/planning? How do we teach perfect information? Deduction?

I can name prototypical games of each of those, but they aren't geared toward kiddos and some kiddo tailored games are a little pricey.

Something to put in the backlog of things to work on!

You may be asking: how can free be a business? Premium versions I suppose. Licensed for groups and schools? I don't know.

046 - Sadie Cat Stories: Cook Out Page - V3 with Sample

board_on_page - v3 - sample 1.png

Here we got some updated graphics for the game on a page for the print and play PDF. I used random.org to generate a handful of recipe IDs (6 IDs of a pool of 24) to pick. Some pages will be a lot harder than others (there are few options for a die roll of 1 or 2 for this page), but I guess that is what makes the challenge somewhat different on each level.

Also started to spec out the numbers for running a "Deluxe" component version. Someone can have the PDF, but maybe they want the component pack that makes it work (10d6, 30 Time Tokens that are nicely stickered/labeled).

044 - Sadie Cat Cooking Game - Single Page Mock

When thinking about costs for the production and distribution of the next Sadie Cat game, I was having trouble figuring out how I would fit the 6x cards (standard 3.5 x 2.5) on a single page. How could I get this in the hands of people as a print-and-play?

I decided yesterday to just strip away the fluff and just jam pack it into a single page. Yes, there's less room here for flavor text and fun graphics, but I was able to get all of the required elements on a single 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, including a small unedited cheat sheet on the side. I figured I could still employ the use of a fun repeating background of food to bring it some flavor, along with organic-feeling lines instead of these hard vector shapes.

In any case, it turned out pretty good. I'll have to print one out to see if I can actually fit standard 16mm on those squares. Even though technically they are the right size (slightly larger than 16mm), you really never know until you put them on and see how it feels.

022 - "We Need To Get Off This Moon" Card Game Cards

This game started out as a simple family game and while I started to write the rules, it turned into something a bit more hairy. I'll still need to print out the cards and test it out to see how it goes.

The game has players walking around a small moon, revealing and resolving encounters, and trying to collect all four ship pieces so they can get rebuild their ship and get off the moon.

I'm slowly finding the niche of these print-and-play games. I think if I can finalize this one and Sadie Cat: Cook Out, I'll be in a pretty good place to make a dent in the world.