Custom Toy - Luigi Death Stare

For my friend's birthday, I painted up the face of an old Luigi Mario Kart toy I had and made it into the Luigi Death Stare face. I then put it under a small glass dome display. Turned out pretty neat.

We also played at least six cups that evening in Mario Kart 8. I am extremely terrible that game.

Kotobukiya Cu-Poche

I don't even watch that much anime nor do I buy PVC or resin statues anymore. However, seeing the new line of Cu-Poche makes me want to start buying again.

But I won't. There's a baby on the way. One can only hope that he will understand his dad's obsessions with plastic figurines.

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World of Springfield Collection for Sale

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Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I've been assigned to look after my parent's house for the next two weeks and after getting a season of Hoarders under my belt, I've decided to help alleviate my parent's pain of storing my crap. Also, I've got a wedding to pay for.

What you see here is the collection of 71 Playmates World of Springfield figures that I collected many moons ago. Once my prized collection, I've come to terms with letting it go and figure that feeding a dozen people at my wedding is probably more important than having it sit in my parent's house.

If you've got any loved ones who love the Simpsons or know anyone that would like to nab these, then I say please go for it. The auction is on eBay (link) and goes until this Saturday. Here's to hoping it sells decently. Thanks for looking!

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Don Ackbar Draper Figure - WIP Part 2

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Here is part two of my Don Ackbar Draper project. As you can see, I'm getting quite close to finishing. I still have the gun to finish (I need to find my Gun Metal paint) as well as adding some finishing details/shading on the shoes.

Here is what the figure looked like after I sprayed it with some primer. When everything is a uniform color, it gives the illusion that it was always supposed to be this way. It also reminds me of those maquettes that animation studios make as reference pieces for their films.

Here is the start of the skin painting for the figure. I did most of this during lunch.

Here is a bit more progress. I was especially happy with how the shadows and shading turned out for his head. Black is both a blessing and a curse. While it's able to go over practically everything in a single coat, it also means going over black (if you make a mistake) requires multiple coats. Then paint just gets thick and looks all globular.

This is essentially where I ended up last night. I'll have to find the rest of my paints before I can finish it up. It's been a pretty rewarding experience thus far.

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Don Ackbar Draper Figure - WIP

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If you've been following along, you may remember the "Guys, it's a trap." post and illustration that I did a little while ago. I decided that it's been a very long time since I've done any custom toy work and that I should go for it again. While I lack ability to sculpt and make my own pieces, I'm pretty good at finding pieces and kitbashing.

The two figures you see above come from Hasbro's line of figures for kids based on popular licenses. They range from Marvel (Super Hero Squad) to Star Wars (Galactic Heroes) and to many other licenses. The two you see above are a Destro and Ackbar figure, respectively. Since the figures themselves are quite similar in scale, matching pieces was relatively "easy".

Luckily the Destro head was pretty easy to remove. I didn't even have to cut off the point of articulation that kept the head on. Unfortunately, the Ackbar head wasn't nearly as easy to remove. He didn't actually have any points of articulation. The only solution was a full lobotomy.

I had to be careful about cutting the head off of Ackbar because he doesn't exactly have a neck. I went for a V cut to ensure that I got all of the head, even if did decimate his body somewhat. All that I needed to do after this was sand the pieces of piece so they would fit snugly with each other.

With a little superglue and praying, the head fits the body. You can see some of the paint has rubbed off due to the surgery, but that's okay. I'll be repainting the whole thing anyway, which is actually the next step. I'll take this guy home and primer him. I'm actually quite partial to Games Workshop Spray Primer.

I'll post more pictures when I get more progress done with the project.

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