Sogacom No. 1 - Candy Crush Saga

001 - candy crush - 1.png

Imagine having an offline version of Candy Crush Saga with 500 levels. It also would have a pedometer for which you could convert steps for powerups, lives, etc. I think it’d be a neat device to have! 500 levels is quite a lot of levels and getting those extra moves to be extra hard levels would be earned by exercise.

I surely wouldn’t mind one of these!

"Famicrate": Isometric Famicom "Diorama" Template


I’ve been playing with the idea of illustrating every single Famicom cartridge, but ultimately decided against it. Outside of doing it in my own style, it wouldn’t be very interesting or unique. Something that popped back up in my life as of late were the most recent Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. What really caught my attention was not just their use in the game itself, but how the cards were presented.

Each resident was presented in a RV Camper with the different furniture that they’d add to your game. Each piece of furniture representative of the style, charm, personality of that character. It sort of reminded me of a themed Loot Crate.

From there I thought, “how about instead I draw Famicom cartridges and a few elements that I feel represent the game”. What better way to do that then to use the Famicom cartridge as the stage!

Anyway, I finished the template (i.e. stage) I’ll be using and altering the hue on moving forward. From here on out I will be referring to this project as “Famicrate”.