Mickey & Friends - No Service

No Service on Disney Video
Apparently they're releasing new shorts under the Mickey & Friends label. I really like the new/retro style they're doing. Mickey has the feel of the older black & white cartoons and utilizes a really nice "hand drawn" style for backgrounds and motion.

It's time for Doc Chicken, y'all!

I wish Tatyana Ali lived down the street so she could come over and share her life stores with Josie and me. I'm sure they would be entertaining and full of whimsy.

Video: How Boards Games are Made

Made for Play: Board Games & Modern Industry from The Spiel on Vimeo.

Stephen Conway and David Coleson host the podcast The Spiel, and they've created a 40+-minute documentary titled "Made for Play: Board Games & Modern Industry" that details "every aspect of the manufacturing process: the technology and machines, the many detailed steps, and the hundreds of people that are involved in the production of a single game". As a secondary purpose, it serves as a great promotional video for Ludo Fact, the best-known games manufacturer in Germany, and its manufacturing partners.

[via boardgamegeek]