An Update of Sorts

Listening to: The quiet hum.

I've done some updating around these parts. There's a new Little Woodbot page up in the store. Now you and your friends can buy those little bastards. It's "Series 0". I'm still working out plans for the future series, which essentially contain different faces and possibly other body parts like wheels.

I also updated Mr. Goh somewhat. The pages now all have a "first" and "last" button in addition to the other navigational buttons. This way a person coming into the page can find what the latest strip is without being confused.

The hits on Mr. Goh have also been pretty nice the last week. Within the last seven days, it's peaked at 40,000 unique IPs.

Let's hope this trend keeps up and that returning visitors continues to rise like a tequila sunrise.

Happy Holidays

Smelling: Fresh and clean.

Happy holidays, everyone!

In other news, Mr. Goh, my webcomic, seemed to have gotten a surge of traffic the last three days. What I mean by "surge of traffic" is as follows:

So I normally see 150 unique IPs/400 hits a day. The past few days I've been seeing 3,000 unique IPs/7,000 hits a day. Ya, I know. Merry Christmas to me, eh?

Animal Crossing

Car Smells Like: Burnt Popcorn

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games. Assassin's Creed also now falls into that same coveted list. Penny Arcade did a strip about the two, combined, a month or so ago.

I just bought a print of it.

I also went to a drive-in movie theatre for the first time last night. It was a pretty neat experience, taking off my shoes and sitting in my car, staring up at a giant screen that had the resolution of a "shaky cam" recording of Lord of the Rings.

We went to go see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the other night too. I enjoyed it very much and it is on my "will buy" list when it comes out on the DVD. Natalie Portman is also very pretty.


Listening to: My brain shutting down.

I'm trying to work in super low-res right now. There's something charming, to me anyway, about using fewer pixels to create an equally engaging experience.

Crusader and Goob

Was Up Late: Doing Namco Networks work.

This is my new comic project that I'm working on. The title is still tentative, but it'll probably end up being this way in the end.

Cowboys and Indians

Listening to: Office space murmurs.

This is a movie poster I created for Kick Face Design.

It's politically correct because, in this case, they really are Indians.

I'd like to see this movie.

In other news, check out where my game is currently standing on the internet! You can read and download it by clicking on this link here. Hurry because the internet is a savage beast, causing rankings to drop like my grades during college.

Gui Push - Ice Cavern Puzzles

Listening to: Someone showering.

My game is complete!

Here are some of the puzzles in "graph paper" mode before I put them into the game. They're kind of neat to look at. They're like maps.

Big Daddy Bear

Wearing: A new hat.

This is an image I'm working on for a client. Neat, eh?

Pumpkin Kid

Time Travel: It's actually Thursday.

Because I know I have a fun-filled weekend ahead of me, I'm actually doing this in the past for the future... which is actually now the present.

I wonder if I'll have a beard in the future! Hm!

Get Back Here...

Listening to: Something.

Sometimes you just got to get away from it all, ya know?

What better way than pack up your computer and go play your World of Warcraft in an alley?

As for me, I don't play that game so I'll entertain myself with hentai and beer. Thanks.