Game Dev - "Mister Goh's Orbital Express Delivery Service"

So I've got my triple click "golf game" totally working the way that I want it to. As you can see with the icon, the game's theme was actually influenced by Planet Express (go Futurama!). So in this game you select an engine, launch your ship and try to get to the goal in as few trips as possible (like golf with swings and par).

The distance you travel is determined by which engine you choose and how much power you assign to it. That's the first two clicks (click to start, click again to set the power). On the way back you're trying to click one final time (third click) in the center green spot. Anything outside of that becomes a "targeting computer error". It ranges from 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and so on. That gets multiplied against the "Solar Winds". That in turn then get multiplied against the engine's possible deviation and that's applied to the final power.

The terrain also affects the final power. Even if you have 100% power with no error, being on a really crappy terrain (like a sticky slime planet) will only let you travel a maximum of 65%. So if the maximum power is 200 ly (lightyears), the maximum it will travel is 130 ly.

The course is always between 600-800 ly long and a random number of land types. There's some fine tuning to do, some overall design direction, and figuring out how to work the upgrade systems... but the core is there! I'm pretty happy with it now.

Game Dev - "Good Day" on Samsung Note 3

I've finished up my game Good Day and put the APK over on my Nexus 7 as well as Josie's Samsung Note 3. Man, the game looks great on the Note 3! I mean it's not an intense or deep game that requires a lot of graphical power, but it really turned out playable and nice.

The game's currently in the Google Play store as well, but need a few hours for it to propagate. So exciting!

If you have an Android device or want a copy of the SWF to play, let me know. I'll be sure to upload it eventually to my site.

Game Dev - Triple Click Mechanic

I spent some time last night and was able to nail down the "triple click" mechanic I wanted to boil down from Hot Shots Golf. It actually turned out to be slightly tricker than I thought, specifically trying to get it to just "feel right".

One of the biggest issues was getting the smoothness and fidelity of making it feel like you could make tiny incremental changes in your power swing. Since it's based on the frame refresh, the power bar would tick upwards based on the increment amount... so let's say 0.1. However, 0.1 looks a little choppy so to smooth it out I decreased the increment amount, but increased the frame rate.

Typing about it right now, I think I may move to a tween system to make it look better. Hm.

I also created the ability to create a course. That's the multi-colored bar up top. It generates the launch platform, some random land tiles based on thresholds (example: green will always be between 100-300 units long), and then then the final landing platform.