Yo-Kai Watch - Rank C Challenge Locations

Having trouble finding the three different Yo-Kai you have to defeat to get your Rank C upgrade? Me too! It's unfortunate that the little flag markers you usually see are actually only shown inside the alleys once you're in them.

Anyhow, just exit the train station and just match up the map locations. Note that the arrows are facing the opposite way as I took these pictures leaving the alleys.

Source: Game Artifacts

Comic - Etsy

Josie's most recent experience with a seller on Etsy. There's no other way to explain a 2-3 week delivery time.

iCooked - Baked Egg Scramble

I've been heading out to work pretty early in the mornings in which I'm not able to sit and eat with the family. A combination of getting ready, getting the kids changed, and all this other stuff, makes this my current state of morning. I read about this egg scramble you can bake the night before and just take with you on the way out.

I edited the recipe a bit based on what was around the house and the fact that no one can eat cheese. Turns out it was pretty awesome.

Ingredients and Stuff
- 4 ramekins
- 6 eggs
- bacon
- turkey pieces (I used precooked)
- some kind of vegetable (I used baby bok choi)
- 1/3 of an onion chopped
- 2-3 slices of bread
- salt and pepper to taste

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Tear up the bread so it lines the bottom of each ramekin.
3. Cook the bacon separately.
4. While bacon is cooking, whisk everything else together in a large bowl.
5. Chop up the cooked, crispy, bacon and mix it into the bowl.
6. Evenly distribute amongst the 4 ramekins.
7. Place ramekins on some kind of baking sheet in case the egg bakes over and spills out.
8. Cook for 45-50 minutes.
9. Eat one and tell the family you only made 3.

Game Development - Quest for Words

I'll figure out a proper title soon enough.

I had an hour or so to mess with the layout for my word game. I originally trying to illustrate locations in each node, but it was proving to be too difficult and ugly. Just couldn't get it to lok right. Then the thought dawned on me that an individual quest would be focused on one location so I could I just illustrate something larger in the back.

I've decided on doing a black and white theme too. I'll probably do 10 locations to start.