Sadie Cat and Mao

Sadie Cat and Mao are two explorers who emphasize the importance of doing good, being empathetic, and helping others. They travel from universe to universe through the magic of a honeycomb portal that always plops them on the path to help someone in need. Did I mention they're also a yellow labrador and an orange cat?

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Picture Books and Stories

Sadie Cat and Mao's adventures are chronicled throughout different stories. Ranging from picture books to chapter books, there's always a new adventure to embark on regardless of age or free time! 


Experience the adventures of Sadie Cat and Mao firsthand by playing both tabletop and video games themed around their stories. Games are focused as single player experiences and can all be completed over a lunch break.


Pictures are now a very standard way of sharing our day to day experiences with others. Take a peek into the lives of Sadie Cat and Mao through regularly updated illustrations. Catch up with them and all the exotic locations they visit!